“Great office, professional staff and very amiable. The wait was short and doctor with staff provided excellent services. From insurance to procedures, optomap included, detailed explanation aided in quick and clear understanding. Love it!”
Souleymane W.

“Dr. Ward is the best optometrist I have ever been to. He truly listens to and cares about his patients. He helped me with a condition I was suffering from that my neurologist didn’t really have a good explanation for. After seeing Dr. Ward, Dr. Ward told me to have my neurologist check me for Myasthenia Gravis. My neurologist put me on a medication for it and I’ve been much better ever since. I would highly recommend Dr. Ward and his staff.”
Steve V.

“I had a great experience here. I called last minute and they fit me in. The staff was accommodating and personable. The doctor was patient and thorough and dialed my prescription in perfectly.”
Adam S.